• Artesian well

    Dry since September 15 of last year, the artesian well started running again today.

  • McGuire home beans 2023

    Replaced left pressure fan hose – $150 Orscheln Planted 38 acres Monday, then Mike decided to roll up fence to make field bigger. Resumed planting Tuesday. Sprayed Wednesday.

  • Pixley soybeans 2023

    Pixley soybeans 2023

    Starting 8 am Thursday May 9 94 degrees, P42A96, 80k

  • Sharp soybeans 2023

    Sharp soybeans 2023

    It’s the latest calendar date I’ve started, I think. 4399 tractor hours start at noon on Thursday, May 5 96 degrees, 80k population Orifices were too big so unequal fertilizer between rows Very little residue – can’t do beans again P35A45X Pioneer beans the size of marbles Friday – replace left tire, right wheel bearing…

  • Ranching Reboot episode 98

    Ranching Reboot episode 98

    I had an interesting conversation with my friend Brian Alexander, the Red Hills Rancher, on his Ranching Reboot podcast. I think he titled it “Different Perspectives” because he didn’t agree with some of what I said, but I like that we can disagree agreeably! We talked about Barber County, podcasting, farming, changing consumer preferences, the…

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